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What is CHAANGE?

CHAANGE© is a four-month program based on cognitive (thought-based), behavioral, and goal-oriented theories. The program is divided into four phases.

Phase 1: Defines anxiety conditions, tells you how and why they likely developed for you, and describes what happens in your body when you experience them.

Phase 2: Teaches you how to relax your body to counteract the tension that anxiety produces. You will be given relaxation exercises which we encourage you to practice until they become automatic.

Phase 3 and 4: Teaches you thinking, attitude, belief and behavior skills that will change your current non-productive patterns and, in effect, turn your life around.

CHAANGE© can be completed in your own home, with an affiliated therapist, through phone consultations with Dr. John or Dolores Pullen, or any combination of the above. The program allows you the control of how and when you complete the program, however it is essential that you follow the program to obtain the best results.. Learn more about this...

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LifeSkills - The Anxiety Program for Children and Teens

Providing your child with the necessary tools to overcome or prevent anxiety is a priceless gift that he/she will appreciate for years to come.

The CHAANGE© Family of Therapeutic Tools has developed an effective way to treat children suffering from severe anxiety. The LifeSkills© program was designed through the joint efforts of professionals from education, social work, family therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It provides age appropriate materials for children from ages 6-15 years, and are designed for application by the parent(s), the CHAANGE© therapist, or both.

Phase 1: Education assistance – New information that de-myths anxiety.

Phase 2: Cognitive assistance – Identifying and changing fearful, negative self talk.

Phase 3: Family systems assistance – Working with the family system and seeing the child's symptoms in context.

Phase 4: Behavioral assistance – Teaching and encouraging new ways of behaving. Learn more about this...


Lifeskills was so important to helping my children achieve their potential


Now I can finally live my life again thanks to Dr. Pullen and the CHAANGE program


CHAANGE is amazing and it saved my life.


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