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Timeless Effective Treatment!

If you are troubled with excess worry and stress over negative thought, or feel like you have to have constant control, but cant seem to find it; you have come to the right place.
The CHAANGE program could be your stepping stone to freedom.

"Chaange provided me with the tools to develop my self-esteem and free myself from fear and anxiety. I now have the confidence to drive over a bridge, fly, take along trip, and pursue my life long dream of singing dancing and acting" - CARL

To our Readers:

Thank you for your notes and comments regarding our newsletter.  We are grateful for your positive feedback in responses to our exCHAANGE  as well as your requests for what you believe will be helpful to you. That’s really what we are about! Helping you, and in particular, to finish with your severe anxiety condition, no matter what particular type of symptoms you may experience.

One thing we hear from you repeatedly, are requests for more testimonials, those comments or stories from real human beings those who have used the services and resources we offer. These are people like you who have been able to shed the pain and frustration that come from a combination of perplexing, frustrating symptoms that showed few signs of going away.  As of now we are beginning to develop a plan to respond to your requests as completely as possible.  Here is what you can expect to see.

At the beginning of each of a series of 8 or more month’s issues of our exCHAANGE newsletter will be what you’ve asked for, more testimonials and some with increased detail.   You are letting us know that the newsletter is useful to you. We’ll add other items, surely some short, more usual testimonials, too, as well as a variety of short, but on-topic entries as well.  They’ll be whatever might help you move closer towards putting severe anxiety behind you. Another vital contribution, one some of you can contribute to exCHAANGE readers are your comments as Program Participant, who may have now put anxiety well behind you. All of us would enjoy your success!

And those of you who’s Child has applied themselves in working the LifeSkills Program to reduce the stress and anxiety in their life, do let us all share in your joy. Write up as briefly as you like. I am sure many of us will enjoy your contribution.  Keep your comments coming please.  Give us the advantage of your thoughts and reactions, please. And here are a couple of valuable points.

As much as we will continue sharing good information to help you to overcome your anxiety, do understand that the most powerful resource available to you anywhere is The CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program.  We can say with total confidence that if you work the Program, it will work for you! If you need to know more about what you’ll find in the Program, do  order my low-cost book, Transcending Anxiety….Achieving Inner Peace, Firsthand accounts of success by men and woman over fearfull feelings. If you need reassurance that you are doing the right thing in ordering the Program, you’ll be sure with a read of this revealing book.  And how fast you want to achieve the freedom from anxiety you want is strictly your choice.

When I heard about CHAANGE, including how its therapeutic steps for participants had been based solidly on what had been shown to serve well the hundreds of early anxious subjects well before they had been included as items in the program, it made good sense to me. My excitement and trust began to mount rapidly.  This was not just theoretical word games, but real people and the palpable success they were having.  I discussed with Dolores, my wife, my eagerness to get started.  A phone call got the Program on its way to me. My excitement had been transformed into action.  Each step in the Program was a joy, and the success I experienced was visible freedom which continues to this day. Enough about me, except to say that the wisdom of that choice is second in importance only to choosing Dolores to be my wife. I thank God for both opportunities.

Here are your choices.  Your choice now is a matter of how long you wait before you stop the Panic attacks, the discomfort, the constricted living and the obtain the pleasure and joy in your life that is available to you.

We can be as helpful to you as you choose. If you are ready to get on the path to peace, order from our website store or call us at (619) 224-2216 or (619) 795-8477. Take just a moment right now and imagine yourself free of your anxiety. It can be yours.

John and Dolores Pullen,


The CHAANGE Affiliated Network of Professionals. While some of you choose to use the option of doing the CHAANGE Program entirely on your own following the instructions as given, a larger number of you prefer to have as much confidence as you can that you will do well. You choose to work with a well prepared CHAANGE Affiliated Professional. The Affiliates have all taken a training course designed by CHAANGE to enable these fully credentialed professionals to provide the assistance sometimes wanted by Program Participants. Their aim is to help you as much as they can. Capable CHAANGE authorized Professionals are located across the Country as much as possible, even a few in Canada. Call us and tell us where you are. These are fully credentialed Professionals who have come to us over the years for training in assisting the anxious. If I we do not have a CHAANGE Affiliated Professional near to you, ask about our convenient and low cost Telephone Coaching Service Dolores and I have offered for years.



Featured Affilliate:

Kim K Shirin, PHD MFT
Psychotherapy, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Mental Health and Child Custody Evaluation

Dr. Kim K. Shirin is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who recieved his doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is currently a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist in private practice in the Glendale-La Canada area.

Counseling with Dr. Shirin is designed to assist patients;

Relieve Anxiety, Panic Attacks and/or Agoraphobia;

Manage Stress and relieve Depression;

Enhance Personal Growth;

Cope with Child/Adolescent problems;

Control Weight and stop Smoking;

Child Custody Evaluations and Psychological Testing;

Overcome Fears and Phobias; and

Solve relationship problems.

His treatment method is eclectic, incorporating portions of the Gestalt, cognitive, hypnosis, psychoanalytic and behavioral therapy approaches. He received his Ph.D. from Cambridge Graduate School of Psychology and his M.S. and B.S. from the University of Southern California. He has had additional training in Neuropsychology, Hypnotherapy and as a Child Custody Evaluator.

Dr. Shirin brings to his patients more than 20 years of counseling experience. Prior to establishing his private practice twenty years ago, he served the L. A. County Department of Health as a consultant to the Skid Row Project, where he provided crisis intervention, psychotherapy and psychological testing. He is also currently on staff at Verdugo Hills Hospital and Aurora-Las Encinas Hospital.

He has presented many seminars and workshops on topics such as Building Self-Esteem, Dealing with Depression: Teenage Suicide, Effective Parenting, Creating a Good Marriage, and Overcoming Anxiety. Speaking engagements include the Roger Barkley Community Center, La Canada Flintridge Rotary, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, St. Bede School, St. James the Less School, La Crescenta High School, La Canada High School, St. Francis High School and the Medical Staff of Verdugo Hills Hospital.

Telephone: 818-952-2454

Toll free: 877-790-2515

FAX: 818-952-6154

Postal address
3436 North Verdugo Road, Suite 105 Glendale, CA 91208

Satelite Offices Located in:

Satelite Offices Located in the Counties of:




The LifeSkills program is a Compact Disc audio learning process designed for the anxious young person, aged 6 to 15.  LifeSkills can be used by a professional therapist or can be used in the home or classroom, monitored by a parent, teacher or youth worker.

  • Two Relaxation Disc's
  • The other 10 CD's, one for each session
  • The Skillbuilder workbook.

Each Session is Focused on a Specific Area:

  • Session 1: Relaxation - The systematic method of teaching oneself the opposite of anxiety.
  • Session 2: Stress -The norm for young people in our society who have a perceived lack of control over events in their lives.
  • Session 3: Body Sensations & Emotions - The anxious child lacks an understanding of the connection between the mind and the body and therefore experience fear of the body's response to anxiety.
  • Session 4: Worry - Teaches children and adolecents that worry is a learned habit of thought and behavior that generates and sustains anxiety.
  • Session 5: Self Esteem - The personality characteristics common to anxious children often reduce self-esteem.
  • Session 6: Self-Talk - An important new approach to changing ones feelings.
  • Session 7: Positive Movie Making - The skills of imagery desensitization is one that integrates relaxation and self-talk with visual cues.
  • Session 8: Anger - A universal human emotion that, properly handled, can be productive
  • Session 9: Assertive Living - A skill to change the young person's assumptions about power and self-worth relative to other individuals.
  • Session 10: Living Fearlessly - To become free of anxiety, worry, anticipation and distress, one must take risks in new situation using carefully applied techniques.

Help is Here!

A simple telephone call to CHAANGE Headquarters (619) 224-2216 can place in your hands the tool you can use that will prevent your child from living years in the shadow of a debilitating severe anxiety condition. LifeSkills is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.


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