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Timeless Effective Anxiety Treatment!

If you are troubled with excess worry and stress over negative thought, or feel like you have to have constant control, but cant seem to find it; you have come to the right place.
The CHAANGE program could be your stepping stone to freedom.

May this New Year truly be one to celebrate!

A good number of you have already gotten yourself clear of the misery of the Severe Anxiety Condition and are enjoying what you worked for with the help of CHAANGE.  Inasmuch as Dolores and I both separately made the same shift to freedom slightly more than three decades ago, we completely enjoy your pleasure and know how great the feeling is!

If you are in your way, carry on step-by-step as the Program guides you.  Oh what a pleasure!

Share with us the joy we understand so well, and will share with our readers.


- John R. Pullen, PHD

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve referred me and other CHAANGE Participants to CHAANGE Affiliates.
Who are the affiliates?

“Affiliates are those fully State Licensed Therapists who have indicated their desire to assist CHAANGE Treatment Program Participants as they work through the Program. We review their credentials and  provide a brief but sufficient training program for the "Affiliate" role. While CHAANGE Participants often complete the Program by simply following the instructions given in the step-by-step delivery of the Program, they are free to arrange for this assistance if they desire. Details of payment and appointments are worked out entirely between the Affiliate and the Participant.

Affiliates have established themselves with CHAANGE as fully qualified to serve in this relationship and have appropriate education and license to function in this capacity in the state where they function. They also have completed a brief but sufficient training experience administered by the CHAANGE National office using appropriate educational methods with written, recorded and DVD materials. To obtain contact information call (619) 224-2216 or send an e mail at

John R. Pullen, PhD National Director

John and Dolores Pullen,


I am in the 9th session of the CHAANGE Program & I am writing to let you know how I came to being able to “let go”. I went back to work about a month ago, which was one of my big fears, but also something I really wanted to do.  What I am doing in managing banquets.  Last Friday night I had a retirement party scheduled for 50 people, and it turned out that I would have to handle it all alone because we did not have enough help.

Well, over 100 people showed up at this party, and I not only did wenot have enough room, but not enough food, chairs, etc, or any help!  I began to feel panicky…. I wrestled with it for a while, and then it came to me,I thought to myself ‘so what if I panic- I don’t care anymore if I panic or not. I know nothing will happen to me. I know there is nothing wrong with me and I want to do this party!  I will do it the best I can, step by step, knowing that no one even notices that I am uncomfortable, and I really don’t care even if they do notice.

You know what happened? After those thoughts and feelings I did not feel afraid and I didn’t panic.  The rest of the evening, everything went very well and I even received a $60.00 tip for the evening.   Ever since that night I truly understand the “so what” attitude versus the “What if” attitude I had been scaring myself with, and I know I am on the right track.
T.E. from Washington State


The CHAANGE Affiliated Network of Professionals. While some of you choose to use the option of doing the CHAANGE Program entirely on your own following the instructions as given, a larger number of you prefer to have as much confidence as you can that you will do well. You choose to work with a well prepared CHAANGE Affiliated Professional. The Affiliates have all taken a training course designed by CHAANGE to enable these fully credentialed professionals to provide the assistance sometimes wanted by Program Participants. Their aim is to help you as much as they can. Capable CHAANGE authorized Professionals are located across the Country as much as possible, even a few in Canada. Call us and tell us where you are. These are fully credentialed Professionals who have come to us over the years for training in assisting the anxious.



Featured Affilliate:

Located in Orange County, California.


Have you hit a cross-roads in life and feel stuck and lost? Does it seem you are out of touch with your deepest dreams and hopes? Perhaps, you have even achieved most of the things you set out to accomplish only to find you feel empty, lonely, and unfulfilled. A period of "stuckness" in our lives is a beautiful moment to sort through in therapy and can become a time of reconnecting to yourself and awakening your creative energies again.

In individual counseling a good deal of our work will be sorting through the areas of life that are not working for you and finding the parts of life which are going well. Recognizing the considerable strengths you embody. Even if you have temporarily forgotten about them. Your strengths are nurtured in therapy and become the tools with which we will leverage healing and wholeness in your life. Change is created as you both discover and rediscover yourself.

Together, we will use a variety of tools and approaches to understanding your experience of yourself, your life and relationships, including observing patterns, developing increased insight, Somatic Experiencing, and exploring myth and metaphor. Cultivating a deep awareness of your body may be as important as understanding where you came from and what is driving you now. Perhaps more important. You can learn how to soothe out your nervous system and dramatically increase your sense of well-being and wholeness. Tapping your creative energies--both in sessions and out--will pave the road to creating the change you want to experience in your life.




The LifeSkills program is a Compact Disc audio learning process designed for the anxious young person, aged 6 to 15.  LifeSkills can be used by a professional therapist or can be used in the home or classroom, monitored by a parent, teacher or youth worker.

  • Two Relaxation Disc's
  • The other 10 CD's, one for each session
  • The Skillbuilder workbook.

Each Session is Focused on a Specific Area:

  • Session 1: Relaxation - The systematic method of teaching oneself the opposite of anxiety.
  • Session 2: Stress -The norm for young people in our society who have a perceived lack of control over events in their lives.
  • Session 3: Body Sensations & Emotions - The anxious child lacks an understanding of the connection between the mind and the body and therefore experience fear of the body's response to anxiety.
  • Session 4: Worry - Teaches children and adolecents that worry is a learned habit of thought and behavior that generates and sustains anxiety.
  • Session 5: Self Esteem - The personality characteristics common to anxious children often reduce self-esteem.
  • Session 6: Self-Talk - An important new approach to changing ones feelings.
  • Session 7: Positive Movie Making - The skills of imagery desensitization is one that integrates relaxation and self-talk with visual cues.
  • Session 8: Anger - A universal human emotion that, properly handled, can be productive
  • Session 9: Assertive Living - A skill to change the young person's assumptions about power and self-worth relative to other individuals.
  • Session 10: Living Fearlessly - To become free of anxiety, worry, anticipation and distress, one must take risks in new situation using carefully applied techniques.

Help is Here!

A simple telephone call to CHAANGE Headquarters (619) 224-2216 can place in your hands the tool you can use that will prevent your child from living years in the shadow of a debilitating severe anxiety condition. LifeSkills is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.


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