CHAANGE©, The Center for Help for Anxiety & Agoraphobia through New Growth Experiences

Founded in 1979 by Ann Seagrave, Faison Covington, and their therapist Lou Owensby L.C.S.W. Seagrav and Covington having recovered from their own severe anxiety conditions realized that their experiences could be helpful to others. Together they developed the CHAANGE center to help individuals, by providing specially trained and licensed professionals to assist patients in learning new coping skills, attitudes, and behaviors to alter their limiting anxiety and/or phobias.  Their book, Free From Fears, details their respective journeys and describes the therapeutic process of CHAANGE, which has provided hope and freedom to thousands.

National Director: John R. Pullen, Ph.D.

Dr. Pullen is a licensed practicing psychologist, with a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. He was an active member of the International Association of Trauma Counselors and achieved an international certification by the board of trauma specialists (CTS). He served on the staff of Scripps Memorial Hospital-Chula Vista for more than 24 Years, and is currently a member of the California Psychological Association.

Dr. Pullen himself had suffered from a severe anxiety condition for 37 years, until he found CHAANGE© in August, 1985. He has experienced first hand the panic, discomfort, extreme tension and other well known symptoms of severe anxiety. Since he achieved his own freedom from anxiety, he has committed his life to showing others the way to fear-free living, through the network of CHAANGE© affiliates, the In-Home study, or telephone coaching sessions. In 1990, he was chosen to be the National Director of the CHAANGE organization, allowing him to encourage others just like himself to enjoy their journey to freedom.

As the director of CHAANGE Dr. Pullen coordinates a team of credentialed, independent mental health professionals across the United States and Canada. These professionals are a group of focused M.D.’s, Psychologists, Social Workers, and licensed therapists, who provide treatment through the CHAANGE program to people all over the country.

“I believe in CHAANGE and I am dedicated to helping those whose lives are limited by severe anxiety.”

Coordinator: Dolores Sanchez Pullen, M.A.

Mrs. Pullen, M.A., is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist experienced in the treatment of severe anxiety conditions including Agoraphobia, panic attacks, and acute or chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and has been certified by the International Board of Trauma Specialists as a member of the International Association of Trauma Counselors.

She personally experienced the pain of severe anxiety for 40 years, beginning from early childhood, and has dedicated her life to assisting others of all ages to overcome their sever anxiety and be free. She truly believes in the POWER OF CHAANGE©.

Mrs. Pullen is originally from Mexico City, and is fluent in writing and speaking en Espanol. She is the coordinator for the spanish versions the CHAANGE© and LifeSkills programs. Her sensitive and compassionate professionalism, gives her the opportunity work with CHAANGE participants, sometimes in the Spanish language, when regularly scheduled phone coaching sessions are arranged; or in counseling adults, couples and children in her San Diego office.

Both John and Dolores are available by appointment to see clients and CHAANGE participants at their easily accessed offices in Point Loma, San Diego,  well connected to most freeways. They particularly enjoy the success had by their CHAANGE, CHAANGE en Español, and LIfeSkills for Children participants.  Dolores also does well assisting those with marital, family and/or child concerns. She is fluent in Spanish as well as  English. Insurance is accepted when applicable.  Both Pullens also offer their convenient and economical Telephone Coaching.  Do contact them for information, if needed.