The LifeSkills program is an audio taped learning process designed for the anxious young person, aged 6 to 15.  LifeSkills can be used by a professional therapist or can be used in the home or classroom, monitored by a parent, teacher or youth worker.

  • Two Relaxation Tapes
  • The other 10 CD’s, one for each session
  • The SkillbuilderT workbook.

Each Session is Focused on a Specific Area:

  • Session 1: Relaxation – The systematic method of teaching oneself the opposite of anxiety.
  • Session 2: Stress -The norm for young people in our society who have a perceived lack of control over events in their lives.
  • Session 3: Body Sensations & Emotions – The anxious child lacks an understanding of the connection between the mind and the body and therefore experience fear of the body’s response to anxiety.
  • Session 4: Worry – Teaches children and adolecents that worry is a learned habit of thought and behavior that generates and sustains anxiety.
  • Session 5: Self Esteem – The personality characteristics common to anxious children often reduce self-esteem.
  • Session 6: Self-Talk – An important new approach to changing ones feelings.
  • Session 7: Positive Movie Making – The skills of imagery desensitization is one that integrates relaxation and self-talk with visual cues.
  • Session 8: Anger – A universal human emotion that, properly handled, can be productive
  • Session 9: Assertive Living – A skill to change the young person’s assumptions about power and self-worth relative to other individuals.
  • Session 10: Living Fearlessly – To become free of anxiety, worry, anticipation and distress, one must take risks in new situation using carefully applied techniques.

Help is Here!

A simple telephone call to CHAANGE Headquarters (619) 224-2216 can place in your hands the tool you can use that will prevent your child from living years in the shadow of a debilitating severe anxiety disorder. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.