How To Deal With Anxiety | San Diego

 Feeling Better – Breathing For Balance

Over-breathing, or hyperventilation, sometimes plays a large part in our panic reactions.  Let’s look at your breathing patterns.

1.                   Do you yawn or sigh a lot or take in big gulps of air?

2.                   Do you sometimes feel as if you are suffocating?

3.                   Do you experience chest pain, tingling, and prickling and numbness sensations?

4.                   Do you often feel short of breath as if you are not getting enough air?

5.                   Do you hold your breath or breathe very quickly and shallowly ...

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What if I already have a therapist?

With your permission and sufficient interest on the part of your therapist, we can work cooperatively with your therapist. To remove us from being “in the middle,” for example, we can provide your therapist with the CHAANGE materials you have purchased so that you’ll receive your weekly materials directly from your current therapist. In fact, after working with CHAANGE your therapist may consider joining our team and we would certainly welcome them to do so.

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