One Step at a Time

Sometimes the first step to freedom is to self-evaluate, yet it is sometimes the most diffcult step in the process. If you are reading this section you have already begun that process, and we are here to help you realize what CHAANGE© can do for you. Consider the following statements:

  • I sometimes feel uneasy and fearful without knowing why.
  • I’ve had frightening physical symptoms that don’t seem to have a physical cause, yet they make me fear losing control or maybe even dying.
  • I avoid some places, situations or activities to keep from having fearful feelings.
  • If I think that others are judging me I get very anxious.
  • Social situations are often uncomfortable for me. I fear I’ll be embarrassed or humiliated.
  • I’m troubled by negative thoughts I can’t seem to stop.

You may experience only one or maybe a combination of the symptoms listed above. It is important to keep in mind that some forms of anxiety are normal in life, but it’s when anxiety limits or interferes with your ability to lead a “normal” life that there’s reason for concern. When this happens, it is time for CHAANGE©. Click here for our pre-program self-evaluation.

Support Is Just a Phone Call Away

Begin Your Personal Connection

Our belief is that people suffering from severe anxiety or panic attacks avoid places because they’re afraid of the anxiety and the fearful feelings they experience, not because of the place or activity they are avoiding.  Since you’ll be learning to manage your feelings and thoughts, you’ll be able to venture out alone, if you wish.

If not, or there is some other reason you’d find working with Dr. John Pullen or Dolores Pullen in convenient and inexpensive Telephone Consultations attractive to you, we make that easy to get started. Call them with any questions or to get started: Dr John Pullen (619) 795- 8477 or Dolores Pullen (619) 224 2216

You also have the option to work face-to-face with a CHAANGE affiliated therapist on a weekly basis. These are professional, licensed, independent practitioners from the fields of psychology, medicine, counseling, social work, and other related disciplines who have been thoroughly trained in our methodology. A complete list of our affiliates with contact information is provided to you with your first set of CHAANGE Program Materials or you can always call us directly.
The well designed, highly structured and timeless CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program, hard copy or the digital version. If you would choose to have their support and direction, there currently are 77 CHAANGE trained and affiliated, licensed professionals located across the U.S. and into Canada

If you are interested in the second option, but feel you’d also like the support and guidance you get from a therapist as you go through the program, you can have regularly scheduled telephone consultations with Mr. & Mrs. Pullen for as long as necessary to reach your goal.

For the name of a CHAANGE affiliated therapist near you or to get started today contact us, and we will help you start your journey to freedom.

We Provide the Tools

With regular updates, the concepts and methods of CHAANGE have been refined to reflect the latest thinking in the field. When you enroll in the program, we provide you with the following materials over the course of the 16 weekly sessions:

  • Workbook
  • 16 Interactive Audio Cassette Tapes or CDs (Also availble for iPod/MP3 download)
  • Two Books
  • Homework Materials
  • Magazine and Journal Reprints
  • Review Sheets
  • 3-Ring Binder Notebook
  • The exCHAANGE Monthly Newsletter
  • Periodic Evaluation Forms to Monitor ProgressWith CHAANGE, we are your partner as you move from fear to freedom.

With CHAANGE, we are your partner as you move from fear to freedom.