• What about medication?

    We view medication as a very personal issue. We neither approve nor disapprove of what must be your choice. Most often, when people ask, I say” If you choose to take meds for now, just be sure to make a clear decision, so you aren’t loosing energy tearing yourself apart with “I shouldn’t take them, and I should take them. If your decision is to take medication, take them as directed, or as you have found best for you for as long as it seems right for you. Put all of your energy into working the program rather than loosing time and energy from conflict. Just work the program with your whole heart and soul!”

    What I generally add is “What I predict is that in perhaps 3 weeks (or maybe 3 months, depending on you.), you’ll wake up one morning saying, “I’m making real progress I’m feeling more confidence, and I don’t think I need these chemicals in my bloodstream any longer.” I also recommend giving up the meds over time at a slow pace. Of course, if they have a physician who has expressed interest in seeing them get off the meds one day, they can get direction from that doctor. I stress that a gradual reduction makes sense.
    No Hurry!

  • Is there a program for anxious children?

    Yes. Based on years of experience and discovery, our LifeSkills anxiety program has been especially designed for children. This unique and insightful program helps the child to overcome his or her fears and concerns.

  • How do I decide if CHAANGE is the right program for me?

    It varies. Some participants free themselves entirely in 16 weeks; others require longer periods of study and practice. The goal is to make significant and permanent changes in the ways you think, behave and what you believe about yourself. Fortunately, the CHAANGE materials are yours to review as often and as long as you like. “The secret is to live what is taught.”

  • My family doesn’t understand. What can I do?

    CHAANGE endeavors to help your loved ones to be more supportive and understanding by providing them with suggestions and ideas. With or without their help, however, you can recover.

  • Do I need a support person to help me go places?

    No. Our belief is that people suffering from severe anxiety or panic attacks avoid places because they’re afraid of the anxiety and the fearful feelings they experience, not because of the place or activity they are avoiding. Since you’ll be learning to manage your feelings and thoughts, you’ll be able to venture out alone, if you wish.

    If not, or there is some other reason you’d find working with Dr. John Pullen or Dolores Pullen in convenient and inexpensive Telephone Consultations attractive to you, we make that easy to get started. Call them with any questions or to get started at the following:
    Dr John Pullen (619) 795- 8477
    Dolores Pullen (619) 224 2216

    A complete list of our Affiliates with contact information is provided to you with your first set of CHAANGE Program Materials or you can always call us directly.

    The well designed, highly structured and timeless CHAANGE Anxiety Treatment Program, hard copy or the digital version. If you would choose to have their support and direction, there currently are 77 CHAANGE trained and affiliated, licensed professionals located across the U.S. and into Canada.

  • What’s the difference between severe anxiety and agoraphobia?

    Severe anxiety, the broad category of extreme anxiety conditions, describes a variety of uncomfortable, often limiting types of bodily sensations and frightening, negative thought patterns regarding imagined future threats or mishaps. Agoraphobia is a specific category of anxiety which has led to avoidance of certain situations or circumstances.

  • How is your program different from other phobia treatments?

    We view severe anxiety as a learned condition and have seen that it can be unlearned. Our patients learn positive and productive ways of thinking, behaving and feeling to replace the old non-productive, anxiety-producing ones.

  • What if I already have a therapist?

    With your permission and sufficient interest on the part of your therapist, we can work cooperatively with your therapist. To remove us from being “in the middle,” for example, we can provide your therapist with the CHAANGE materials you have purchased so that you’ll receive your weekly materials directly from your current therapist. In fact, after working with CHAANGE your therapist may consider joining our team and we would certainly welcome them to do so.