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Timeless Effective Treatment!

If you are troubled with excess worry and stress over negative thought, or feel like you have to have constant controls, but cant seem to find it; you have come to the right place.
The CHAANGE program could be your stepping stone to freedom.

Strange Thoughts and Feelings

For the person who tends to be anxious, an annoying state of mind is depersonalization. On occasion, the affected person will have a strange feeling of floating, of being apart from ones self somehow or disoriented in some way. The world can look strange and unreal. This is common in anxiety states and, thank goodness, eventually passes. It does not imply a serious mental illness. Perhaps the best treatment is simple reassurance of ourselves. Working through the CHAANGE program, these experiences become less frequent and go away altogether, similar to depression. These feelings are not dangerous, just disconcerting. Anxious individuals seem to experience a sense of depersonalization when a complicated but new and unrecognizable feeling occurs to them. Sometimes simply being without the accustomed sense of anxiety is enough to bring on such a strange uncomfortable feeling. Any novel feeling seems threatening. Again, reassurance and trusting yourself and your work with CHAANGE can help you get through these moments that come and go for now. You will overcome with faith and work on the program.


The CHAANGE Affiliated Network of Professionals. While some of you choose to use the option of doing the CHAANGE Program entirely on your own following the instructions as given, a larger number of you prefer to have as much confidence as you can that you will do well. You choose to work with a well prepared CHAANGE Affiliated Professional. The Affiliates have all taken a training course designed by CHAANGE to enable these fully credentialed professionals to provide the assistance sometimes wanted by Program Participants. Their aim is to help you as much as they can. Capable CHAANGE Licensed Professionals are located across the Country and Canada as much as possible. Call us and tell us where you are. These are fully credentialed Professionals who have come to us over the years for training in assisting the anxious. If we do not have a CHAANGE Affiliated Professional near to you, ask about our convenient and low cost Telephone Coaching Service both of us have offered for years.

Pam Goodfriend



Featured Affilliate:

Pamela Goodfriend

I began the journey on becoming a psychotherapist as a young child by witnessing my mother gasp for air after spraying oven cleaner. I held my breath until she could breathe freely again. I later learned that she had asthma and allergies.

My observations multiplied when she would display evidence of anxiety over some very common but stressful situations that would arise, and her behaviors repeated throughout my life growing up and older. I began a quest to discover what caused these reactions in her and this has become a passion for me to help others today. I learned that fear is the root of anxiety and anxiety is related to asthma and allergies.

Through many years of training and experience helping others with anxiety I have witnessed it develop into various defense mechanisms, anger, panic attacks, and expanding into worsening health conditions. Whenever I sense vulnerabilities in myself I depend on these trainings to help me offset the likelihood of anxiety developing in myself. Why? Because if I don’t it will grow exponentially worse with the aging process. You, too, can prevent it from becoming worse as you age or face extraordinary stressors in your life.

Pamela Goodfriend, MSW, LCSW, CAC III
Phone: 303.269.1191
Email Me: pam@anxietytherapistdenver.com
Call Pam now for a FREE 15-minute phone consult on 303.269.1191

Serving clients in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.
323 Detroit Street in Cherry Creek North, Denver 80206

If you are within reach of Pamela Goodfriend, do call her for excellent service. If not, call us at CHAANGE/LifeSkills for the Affilliate nearest you. (619) 795-8477.

Seize this oppertunity to gain your freedom from severe anxiety. Do it now!
Do call either Dolores Pullen M.A. 619-224-2216, or me, John Pullen, PhD (619) 795-8477.
We will help you get on the path to peace and freedom as well.




What is CHAANGE?

CHAANGE© is a well designed program based on cognitive (thought-based), behavioral, and goal-oriented theories. The program is divided into four phases.

Phase 1: Defines anxiety conditions, tells you how and why they likely developed for you, and describes what happens in your body when you experience them.

Phase 2: Teaches you how to relax your body to counteract the tension that anxiety produces. You will be given relaxation exercises which we encourage you to practice until they become automatic.

Phase 3 and 4: Teaches you thinking, attitude, belief and behavior skills that will change your current non-productive patterns and, in effect, turn your life around.Choking or Smothering Sensations.

CHAANGE© can be completed in your own home on your own, with an affiliated therapist or through phone consultations with Dr. John Pullen or Dolores Pullen, or any combination of the above. The program allows you the control of how and when you complete the program, however it is essential that you follow the program to obtain the best results.

Help is Here!


With CHAANGE, we are your partner as you move from fear to freedom.


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