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If you are troubled with excess worry and stress over negative thought, or feel like you have to have constant controls, but cant seem to find it; you have come to the right place.
The CHAANGE program could be your stepping stone to freedom.

Children and Anxiety

Everyone accepts that the present way of life in the United States is not only severely stress producing for adults, but is particularly problematic for children. The breakdown of the nuclear family, violence in everyday life and entertainment, terrorism, and economic and professional pressures on parent figures combine to create a fertile ground for severe anxiety in children. Even kind and loving parents sometimes find that their child:

Refuses to go to school.
Does not want to attend summer camps or school events with friends.
Frequently feels ill.
Needs constant reassurance.
Avoids eye contact.
Is irritable.
Avoids performance situation or any new experience.

Any of these symptoms that endure over time is a signal that more than good parenting is needed. One reason why childhood anxiety conditions go unrecognized and untreated is that there are normal fears that all children experience. The normal newborn exhibits fear when feeling a loss of physical support or hearing loud noises. From age one on until school age, children fear separation from parenting figures. Most people remember being afraid of the dark or monsters in the closet or under the bed. Children are commonly afraid of thunder, lightening, and “bad people”. The list goes on and on. Adolescence brings with it more fears: fear of rejection, fear of failure — socially, academically, economically — fear of natural and political cataclysms. The empathic parent recognizes these fears as normal, and learning to deal with them as necessary to maturation.

But sometimes, particularly if a child or adolescent has a genetic endowment that makes them sensitive, or if their life experience has included more than average disruption and uncertainty, anxiety symptoms appear that go beyond the routine, normal childhood fears, and professional help is needed in order to prevent the child from growing into an adult crippled by severe anxiety.

Are you aware that 55% of adults who suffer from agoraphobia and other severe anxiety conditions experienced childhood anxiety conditions. Thirty-one percent of these began before age 10. Fortunately, there is help with the LifeSkills© program.


The CHAANGE Affiliated Network of Professionals. While some of you choose to use the option of doing the CHAANGE Program entirely on your own following the instructions as given, a larger number of you prefer to have as much confidence as you can that you will do well. You choose to work with a well prepared CHAANGE Affiliated Professional. The Affiliates have all taken a training course designed by CHAANGE to enable these fully credentialed professionals to provide the assistance sometimes wanted by Program Participants. Their aim is to help you as much as they can. Capable CHAANGE Licensed Professionals are located across the Country and Canada as much as possible. Call us and tell us where you are. These are fully credentialed Professionals who have come to us over the years for training in assisting the anxious. If I we do not have a CHAANGE Affiliated Professional near to you, ask about our convenient and low cost Telephone Coaching Service both of us have offered for years.



Featured Affilliate:

Lamont R. Lee, Ph. D.
ClinicalPsychologist - I'SY 5254
41707 Winchester Rd Suite 203
Temecula. CA 92590
95 1-296- 0323

Dr. Lee has been using thest CHAANGE program for over 22 years with patients who experience severe to moderate anxiety and has found this program to be highly effec tive in helping the client to get fairly immediate resolution to what usually are longstanding anxiety conditions and issues.

The CHAANGE program provides a ready made solution to resolve the many symptoms of the moderate to severe anxiety of my clients. The usc of effective reading materials. CD's. and relaxation exercises provide a potent, and in many cases, long lasting resolution for the client experiencing anxiety. It is simple to use, easy to understand, and broadly applicable for a variety of anxiety patients. Best of all, he points out that when you order the CHAANGE module (kit). it is yours for life.

Dr. Lamont Lee is a psycologist with his own private practice in Temecula. Ca.

Lamont R Lee. PhD
ClinicalPsychologist - I'SY 5254
41707 Winchester Rd Suite 203
Temecula. CA 92590
95 1-296- 0323

If you are within reach of Dr. Lee, do call him for excellent service. If not, call us at CHAANGE/LifeSkills for the Affilliate nearest you. (619) 795-8477




What is LifeSkills?

The CHAANGE© Family of Therapeutic Tools has developed an effective way to treat children suffering from severe anxiety. The LifeSkills© program was designed through the joint efforts of professionals from education, social work, family therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It provides age appropriate materials for children from ages 6-15 years, and are designed for application by the parent(s), the CHAANGE© therapist, or both. We have found that older teens also can benefit from the CHAANGE program for adults.

Phase 1: Education assistance – New information that de-myths anxiety.
Phase 2: Cognitive assistance – Identifying and changing fearful, negative self talk.
Phase 3: Family systems assistance – Working with the family system and seeing the child’s symptoms in context.
Phase 4: Behavioral assistance – Teaching and encouraging new ways of behaving.

LifeSkills teaches new information that explains anxiety, helps the child form more positive attitudes and beliefs, instructs the family in ways to be constructive, and assists in the initiation and practice of new ways of behaving in order to overcome feared situations.

Help is Here!


With CHAANGE, we are your partner as you move from fear to freedom.


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